How To Update Galaxy S Plus GT I9001 to Jelly Bean 4.2.2 with CM10.1 M2 Custom ROM

‘The Galaxy S Plus handsets can now be updated to Jelly Bean 4.2.2 firmware as a CM10.1 M2 built tradition ROM has been finished accessible for a I9001 devices. As we know there won’t be any central Android 4.2.2 refurbish expelled by Samsung for a Galaxy S Plus smartphones, therefore if we still wish to exam and run a latest Android OS on your possess phone, afterwards we should learn how to peep a tradition program into a system; well, if we name to follow and finish this educational we will uncover we how to simply implement a M2 built of CM10.1 on your S Plus.

Galaxy S Plus GT I9001

CM10.1 M2 brings a latest Android facilities and apps along with additional capabilities that can’t be found in a default chronicle of a Jelly Bean complement and now, all are being accessible for your Samsung Galaxy S Plus. By requesting this tradition ROM on your device, we will be means to energy adult a performances of your phone, customize a looks and urge a Android knowledge as a fast and well-spoken firmware will be installed. CM10.1 M2 comes with a possess looks, features, apps, themes and capabilities, so a default chronicle of a Jelly Bean reason will be transposed by a CM one.

Anyway, a best is that once we will finish this step by step guide, your Galaxy S Plus will be using a latest various of a Android flavor, a Jelly Bean 4.2.2 firmware. But, in sequence to grasp a same we will initial have to request a stairs from below. Make certain that we are reading all a lines from this educational since this procession is formidable and risky; if we implement a CM10.1 M2 program but consulting a lines from below, we will risk in bricking your smartphone, so try not to disaster things up.

  • First, we need to have a secure Galaxy S Plus, or else we will not be means to implement a CM10.1 M2 Jelly Bean software. For a base operation, we can use a suitable beam for a S Plus, or we can name between: a one click root routine accessible for several Samsung devices, or a general root procession accessible for Android formed devices.
  • Be clever in what base operation we use as by rooting a guaranty of your handset will get void.
  • You can revive a guaranty and reset a peep counter, by requesting a un-root operation, or by updating / downgrading your Galaxy S Plus to batch Android OS.
  • After gaining base entrance we need to install a tradition liberation image on your S Plus since a batch one can’t be used on flashing a tradition ROM.
  • A clean of a complement will be required, so before staring a refurbish procedure, make a backup for saving your personal information and info like: content messages, contacts, call logs, internet settings, EFS, marketplace apps, calendar info and so on.
  • You can use a liberation picture for requesting a Nandroid backup too; in this approach we can save and anytime revive a batch program that runs on your S Plus.
  • In box your phone is now using on a prior chronicle of a CM height afterwards a clean is not required, so we can skip a backup.
  • A mechanism or cover will have to be used; on a same and on your handset we contingency initial deactivate a confidence options and programs, like antivirus or Firewall protection.
  • On your device go to “Settings Applications Development USB debugging” and capacitate a USB debugging option.
  • Check a battery standing of your smartphone: if there is reduction than 60% energy left assign your phone; else we can skip this step.

This step by step beam should be finished usually by those who possess a Samsung Galaxy S Plus indication series GT I9001; this educational is concordant usually with a mentioned smartphone. Also, a firmware record has been finished accessible by those of xda-developers so we have them to interjection for a benefaction guide.

How to Update Galaxy S Plus GT I9001 to Jelly Bean 4.2.2 with CM10.1 M2 Custom ROM Firmware

  1. Download a refurbish record on your computer.
  2. The correct download couple is here, so use a same.
  3. Don’t remove a downloaded file.
  4. Then, bond your device with a computer; use a USB wire for substantiating a connection.
  5. From your mechanism name a downloaded file; afterwards copy-paste a program from your mechanism to your phone’s SD card.
  6. Disconnect a smartphone from a mechanism by unplugging a USB cable.
  7. Turn off your phone.
  8. Reboot into liberation mode: press and reason a Power, Volume Up and Home buttons during a same time for a few seconds.
  9. Once a liberation mode menu is displayed, we need to name (only if we peep a CM height for a initial time): “wipe information bureau reset”, “wipe cache partition” and “wipe dalvik cache”.
  10. Remember to backup a information before requesting a above step.
  11. Then, lapse to a categorical menu: “+++go back+++”.
  12. And name “install zip from sd card” followed by “choose zip from sd card”.
  13. Pick a firmware from a SD label and start a flashing process.
  14. In a end, from liberation name “+++go back+++” followed by “reboot complement now” and we are done.
  15. If a initial foot takes longer than usual, don’t panic as there is zero wrong with your handset.

Congratulations, we have finally finished a educational that means that now we know how to refurbish your Samsung Galaxy S Plus to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean by flashing a CM10.1 M2 tradition ROM firmware. Test a software, see how it performs on your device and afterwards lapse here and use a comments area from next for pity your impressions and thoughts mote us or with other users who competence wish to finish this step by step guide.