Steps You Need To Follow To Save Your Phone If It Dropped Into Liquid

Large number of mobile phone users often dropped their cell phones in water, sink and even sometime while doing fishing at their favorite stream, and this can affect or damage it badly. Do you know, according to a source, more than 8 lakes British mistakenly or accidentally dropped their cell phones in water tank, sink or toilet? Remember, getting mobile wet means you have to replace it or buy a new one. However, for saving the cell phone, you need to be quick enough. Below, we have provided some tips on “How do you save a wet mobile?

Blue splash of water drop impact on a water surface

  1. Firstly, take out your device out of the water quickly because the small hole for the microphone, charging point and USB cable connector will freely permit water to enter the cell phone within few seconds. Therefore, take out phone from water, and turn it off quickly as leave it in on mode will cause it to short circuit.
  2. After the first step, you need to disassemble it, which mean remove all other peripheral and parts like battery, memory cards SIM card, mobile cover, keypad, etc, the reason behind this is that water gets everywhere, and by removing its parts you can use tissue for absorbing the water.
  3. If you are at home, then you can use a vacuum cleaner for sucking out the water from the inner part of the cell phone. Remember, do not hold the cleaner too close to the cell as it creates static electricity that can damage your phone more than water. But, do not use a hair dryer to dry out your device because it may force the moisture or water further inward.
  4. Dry and uncooked rice is another best solution to any kind of water damage to cell. You need container and fill it up with rice, put mobile in the container and close it up. You have to leave the device at least for one night, while most of the best repair service providers like AcmaTech recommend leaving phone for 24 hours. After waited for 24 hours, and then turn on the cell. If it not working, then take it to a mobile repair company. You can also look for a particular repair company that is specialized in a particular set like HTC mobile repair, Hp repair service center, Apple repair service center, etc.

Note: Suppose, the accidents happened at the place where you cannot find a cleaner, tissue, napkins or any other things. In this situation, put the cell phone on the dashboard, and parked your car in a place that gets lots of sunshine. Check if the screen of the phone is fogged after half an hour, and if the screen still foggy put it on the dashboard back. But, if it is not foggy, then put the battery in and boot up your device.

This article is written on behalf of Acma Tech, which is leading mobile repair company in India. Acma Tech repair HTC mobile and other branded mobile and laptops.

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